From the Vice President of an Entertainment Company 2005...

I have worked with my Progressive Staffing Solutions since the company was founded. My consultant was assigned to my account at my previous employer and I have continued to use the services of their team at my current position. In my experience, Progressive Staffing Solutions Inc. differentiates itself from other recruiting firms for a number of reasons. First and foremost, is an understanding of the culture of the company and identifying candidates that are suitable for the role. This is particularly important in my current role as we built the finance team her in Toronto. In my dealings with other placement agencies, I often have the feeling they are throwing candidates at me with little consideration for technical needs or fit. This is not so with Progressive Staffing Solutions. Thirdly, I find the team effort of Progressive Staffing Solutions to be top notch. There is always some available to knowledgeable field my calls even while staff may be out of the office. As well, the company’s monthly newsletter helps me keep abreast of market trends affecting my hiring and salary decisions. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Progressive Staffing Solutions Inc. to anyone looking for recruiting services.

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