We know that a clear understanding of your career aspirations is the first step to a successful match. That's why we'll spend time talking with you before we even think of talking about an employer. Our relationship begins with an in-person interview to learn where you've come from, where you are, and where you are looking to go. After evaluating these benchmarks, we develop an action plan together and initiate the process of matching you with potential employers, selecting only those that we believe are most suitable. We've already asked them the tough questions to ensure the match is right. Our unwavering commitment to ethical business practices means we will never release your resume or any personal information without your full knowledge and consent. It also means we will disclose the name of the employer to you each and every time. Full details on our privacy policy can be found here.

We are committed to constant two-way communication through the entire process. This will include feedback on your resume, booking confidential interviews, helping you prepare for your interview, conducting confidential reference checks, and when we've achieved our goal of an offer, any negotiations required to facilitate your acceptance. We'll even help you resign from your job, the same way we've helped thousands of people before you.

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